The Kostuba Values


We pioneer activities, curate accommodations and present unique dining occasions. Our personalized handcrafted experience will bring out the most of a destination.


Exclusive access, private viewings, custom performances. Your imagination is the only limit. Our very own crew and years of experience and networking on the ground allows us to provide them.


We have literally spent over 5 years canvassing every inch of our destinations and staying in over 200 resorts as a full-paying guest. At KOSTUBA, your every moments are curated and your every encounter will always be special.


KOSTUBA provides authentic, private and customized travel experiences. We listen to your wishes and preferences, then craft a travel plan specially prepared just for you. Wherever you will go, we have been. Wherever you will stay, we have stayed. Our first-hand experience and extensive local connections will bring out the most of destination.


Are you easy to work with?

Absolutely! With our transparent pricing, which is differentiated in 3 parts (land arrangements, accommodations, domestic flights). We are an owner-run boutique operator; unlike others who partnered with dozens of agents, we will give you detailed personal attention, assistance, and suggestion.

What make you different with other DMC?

We deliver the most authentic culture, marine, and outdoor adventure activities. We are proud to claim ourselves as ’the ultimate creator’. We know every detail of our destinations, we canvassed and self-experiences literally everything there is. Our hand-crafted experiences will bring the most out of a destination.

Which destinations do you go to?

Bali, Lombok, Java, Sulawesi, Borneo (liveaboard) and Labuan Bajo (liveaboard). Other DMCs claim how many countries they cover, while we think that it’s too out-of-hand to handle. We focus only on Indonesia, and only on specific regions. We are aiming to become expert in each of our destinations.

Who do you work with already?

We work with the best in the industry from UK, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Australia, and USA. We served clients from various nationalities including, European, American, Asian, and African.

I have clients arriving on a private jet who need extra care—can you help?

Of course! We are capable to fulfill what the client needs even the most complicated things. We deliver the exceptional to those who know the difference with high-net-worth individuals and understand the necessity for less hassles.

Can you white-label your services?

We can fully white label services and supply nlyo arrival documents (greetings and ground support number) and destination guide (local map, local language, FnB tips) in English, without any branding treatments. We even capable to put your logo onto it.

Do you have offices in each destination?

Our head office is currently in Jakarta, but we have our own ground team and field manager in each destination.

What currency do you accept?

Based on the Indonesian government rules, we only accept payment in Rupiah (IDR), both for quotes and payments.

How do you accept payments?

We accept payment via bank transfer, or via major credit cards (Visa & Mastercard). You will be responsible for any bank charges.

Do you book International flights?

No, we don't have that capability. We arrange all domestic flights within Indonesia, but your clients must arrange their own long-haul air arrangements.

I don't know where to start with planning a client trip to Indonesia — what is the process?

Start by sending us an email even if you don't yet know the number of travelers or time of year yet. We are more than happy to send you itinerary options, and advise timings, destinations, weather, and more.

How fast could you respond to our enquiry?

We are well-aware of time flexibility and not limited to working hours. Whether it is last minute bookings or urgent enquiries, our team will get back to you with handcrafted itinerary within 24 hours.

How do you handle our client in case of emergency?

We do have 24/7 contact person available for your client to call and who would take care of them during the trip. Both our guide on the field, as well as the travel planner in the Head Office.


At ease with our knowledge-able and responsive travel planners.

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